Gaomi Yuquan Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a China work gloves manufacturer and supplier producing work gloves that meet your specific price and quality need. Our current product range includes rubber coated gloves, string knit gloves and cotton gloves. Acura was founded to provide customers value. We are able to add tremendous value to every pair of gloves you buy from us. Believe us, you will never regret cooperating with us!


coated gloves

Coated Knit Gloves

Our coated knit gloves range includes latex coated gloves, nitrile coated gloves, latex foam coated gloves and nitrile foam coated gloves. The typical liner materials we use for coated knit gloves are polyester, poly cotton, nylon, cotton, spandex etc. The liner is available with variety of gauges including 10 gauge, 13 gauge, 7 gauge, and 15 gauge. For latex coating, we make it either crinkle finish or smooth finish. We tailor our quality to meet your specific market need that provide you tremendous value!

cotton coated gloves

Coated Cotton Gloves

Our cotton coated gloves range includes cotton nitrile coated gloves and cotton latex coated gloves. Cotton jersey and cotton interlock are two types of fabric that are used as the liners for this type glove. Cotton jersey coated gloves are applied for heavy duty jobs, while interlock cotton coated gloves are for lighter jobs. For this range, two types of coating style are available for your choice, they are half coated and fully coated. Knit wrist and safety cuff are available for both latex coated and nitrile coated gloves.

glove liners

String Knit Gloves

Our string knit gloves range includes nylon gloves, plain cotton gloves, polyester gloves, cut resistant gloves etc. By gauges, it is divided into 13 gauge, 15 gauge, 7 gauge, and 10 gauge. With multple choices of weight and length, we can satisfy your specific need. For this glove, defective rate is under strict and well control. We guarantee you a lowest defective rate when you get the goods. We have multiple quality contract liner suppliers, liners are checked strictly and carefully when received.

cotton gloves liner

New & Specialty

Our new & specialty gloves range includes some gloves that are new in the industry and beyond typical knitted and coated gloves. These gloves stand for real value with regards to usability and price. Either liner or coating is specially constructed. If you are interested in new gloves, this is the right range you may be interested in. We are also welcome you to come up with your idea of how you want your glove is expected to be constructed, and we we will discuss with you to meet your specific need.


Competitive Price

We keep our production and management cost lower that ensure we supply you a down-to-earth price while not sacrificing quality, that is what big factories fail to offer.

Tailored Gloves

We can tailor the gloves to your specific market need like style, weight, length, quality etc. Only this makes you succeed in your market.

Rich Experience

We have been producing work gloves for many years, this making us fully understand what customers want and how quality gloves look like. It is the prerequisite of quality production.

Stable Quality

We put a strict quality control to each production step to make sure the gloves are on specification when they are finished. Our quality control starts from raw material purchasing to end of production.

Quick Delivery

We always step ahead of customers demand. We constantly keep a small part of our production equipment that are left idle for coping with future increased demand.

Business Ethics

Without good ethics, your business can not go far, and we really knows the importance of this. When you buy from us, you will feel much peace in your mind.

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